i freaking love the 90's and especially all the people who made that decade so awesome and so here's a few of my favourites <3 each and everyone is iconic. love them. ah.

whitney houston image whitney houston image whitney houston image whitney houston image
Whitney Houston (rip)
james franco, boy, and Hot image james franco, boy, and car image james franco and james dean image james franco image
James Franco
julia roberts and Notting Hill image Inspiring Image on We Heart It 90s, julia roberts, and vintage image julia and Roberts image
Julia Roberts
heath ledger, 90s, and actor image heath ledger, actor, and heath image heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and fire image heath ledger, boy, and heath image
Heath Ledger (rip)
Temporarily removed friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel green image 90's, tumblr, and cute image Jennifer Aniston, friends, and 90s image
Jennifer Aniston
90s and leonardo dicaprio image 90s and leonardo dicaprio image Image removed leonardo dicaprio, Leo, and oscar image
Leonardo DiCaprio
90s, luxury, and girls image winona ryder, hair, and actress image winona ryder and 90s image Image by Christmas Cake
Winona Ryder