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We're back with another article, and this is one that I've been meaning to write. After reading it over it's kindof a little rant, but stick with me I think you'll like it.

I'm over social media, I'm bored and I'm done wasting SO much of my time.
I've realized that I need to live, live life. Live my own life without constantly being pressured to fit into some kind of mold or envy someone else's life.

I've come to realize that my time spent looking at other people's lives and boyfriends and travels has robbed me of the possibility of enjoying real moments, with real people creating real memories and investing in real relationships.

I've let my cellphone consume my attention when I've disregarded my own hobbies my own interests. I've been unconsciously wishing my life was some other way, like what I see on IG, wishing my body looked a certain way, wishing I'd live in a certain place and only now I realized that I have everything to be happy.

So I made the brave decision to delete snapchat twitter and facebook. The only reason why I kept IG is because I want to invest in a small photography project that I started. This is something I want to do, but I need to be careful not to get carried away. And I guess it's a brave decision because it was something I was hooked on.

I figured my friends have my phone number if they wanna call me they can but I'm done with wasting so many hours watching Kylie Jenners life, scrolling through stories when I'm bored when there are people I can talk to, places I can visit, and chances to take amazing photos in my own amazing city and live the life people write novels about.

I got tired of reading 'pinterest' quotes on living boundlessly and freely, enjoying Sunday afternoons while dancing in a t-shirt dress and baking cookies. Being free and happy with myself and remembering my eye contact with attractive strangers in the subway. I can read all about these quotes and be inspired, but now I wanna live this.

I want to live with many plants in my apartment, smell new cities and dive into new cultures, explore cobblestone alleys, go on roadtrips with my friends, buy the record player I've been dreaming of, fall in love under the stars, smell new books.

I stopped falling for the idea that I always have to travel or have tons of money to have incredible adventures and make my life mean something. Because in the end, the only thing you regret is chances you didn't take, relationships I was too afraid to have and the decisions we took too long to make.

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