It's cliché. It is known.
Love hurts.

You and I, were the best thing to ever happen to me.

Yet you broke me.

I gave you my all. My love for you was the purest of it all. I loved you with a love i never knew i was capable of. It was giving and giving and giving. It was being happy because i was able to make you happy. Your existence gave me life. Seeing you would fill my heart with happiness. It was you. I loved you. I really loved you. My love for you was loud. My love was present. Always. It was you after all.

You hurt me. You broke me.

What you did and how you did these shits hurts me still. It pains me to see you hurt me times and again. It pains me in my heart to know that the love i gave you could not stop you from hurting me this bad. It hurts to see that the love i gave you meant that little to you. It's hard for me see how happy you can be without me. It hurts. its still hurts.

How to tell you that all i ever wanted was just for you to love me back.