The one who broke me, the one who taught me what heart break is, and the one who taught me how to be strong.

Thank you.

Heading into my Senior Year of High School. I met you in my Junior year, and we hit it off nearly instantly. We started dating soon after, and that was when I knew that you were the one. We were the power couple, we controlled the classroom, and we were inseparable.

When we had our arguments, I was never concerned about you leaving. I knew you would come back, and I would wrap my jacket around you to keep you warm just like that one night. We would run the show, create a spectacle for an audience under the light of fireworks, and giggle the night away. Going into the summer, I couldn't wait to be truly happy for the first summer ever.

I didn't expect you to leave and take my heart with you.

July 17th, 2015. The day after my 17th Birthday. I didn't expect to wake up to you saying we were through. I didn't know I would lose myself when you left. But that's what happened. I cried all day that day, nothing stopped it. When I would play games, I would distract myself for a bit. Until I died, then I broke down harder and harder. For school orientation, I barely woke up. I showed up late, unshaven and hair way too long. Normally the school photographer tells you to smile, even if you tell him you don't smile. He'll tell you to just fake a smile.

He didn't with me. He knew.

But I did graduate, I did it for me and you. Because I had to prove to myself that I could get there after you broke me. And I did. But even after, I still stare at pictures of you on Facebook. I keep gathering the confidence to try and message you, yet can never actually do it.

And now, today. You messaged me. You wanted to talk to me, you say because you need friends since it's difficult to gain friends in College. When I first saw your bubble pop up while I was working, my face lit up. I couldn't look away. We messaged for the rest of the night and that was the happiest night I have had in a long time.

So to you, the girl who broke me, the one who broke my heart, and taught me to move forward and be strong. Thank you. I learned from my mistakes in the past, and I have found out who I am in the process. I know my goal for my career, and I know the type of woman I want.

That woman is you. And I pray that you want me too.