I was going to let this rot on my tumblr but I actually kind of like it now.

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dontbarfdontbarfdontbarfdontbarf my thoughts have always come quick and violent and i have been partial to typing my entire life as they are too fast for my hand without cramps and i tend to type quickly sloppily because of my speed of thoughts which isnt to brag because theyre all inconsequential but i slam the keys really hard with one or two fingers at a time in high speed hunt and peck especially when the meds are kicking in especially when im upset typo backspace bambambam dont want to be seen crytyping not a loser not an uwu guy be special be broken but dont be sharp on the edges unless its just to glint at people and when im happy i type even faster my emotions are a barometer of unknown pressures i cant figure out what my triggers are my blacklist is stuck in my drafts and tumblr savior is two long columns but i do know that one comic anthology messed me up bad just to see the cover because i thought maybe she was in there any number of shes even though they’re all probably too old to be in a zine now because everyone loves fresh flesh and drawings in copic where you can still see the little dots of casual teardrops from unfinished brains and i dread to see her dread to hear anything about her and i can never say her name because its too big like a kidney stone in my brain so i just say dontbarf to myself over and over until i forget what i was thinking of

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