Today I decided to write about my day as a highschool student. I don´t know if it´s going to be interesting or not, you will see.
So, this is how I live my everyday life.


I wake up at 5.45 am. I pick up an outfit, usually it´s casual outfit because I am too sleepy to think about perfect outfit haha. Then I go downstairs to kitchen and I have a breakfast. When I am full of food, I go upstairs to bathroom and I do my morning routine - brush my teeth, wash face with water and then with garnier pure active and the last thing is moisturising with nivea soft cream. I don´t wear makeup, sometimes I put on concealer and I brush and style my hair.

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School time

My school starts at 7.30 am, but I live 45 minutes away, so I have to take a bus, which leaves my village at 6.30 am.
I come to school with my friend and I go to my locker. I leave my jacket there and I take my books.
After first two classes I have a break for a snack. I usually make it at home and bring it with me to school.
After three another classes I have lunch break so I go with my classmate to a school restaurant and I eat lunch. (sometimes the food is really bad)
Then I have another two classes and my school finishes at 2.00 pm.
I go with my friend on a bus stop, sometimes we stay in the town and go shopping.

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At home

I come home at 3.00 pm. I eat a snack and then I try to study. I study right after I come home from school because I am still in a "study mood" so it´s easier for me. I usually study 1 - 2 hours. When I have a lot of things to do the time is of course longer.
After studying I watch youtube videos and I check social media, listen to music, sometimes I watch a movie or read a book.
In the evening I eat dinner and I take a shower and do my night routine, which is the same as the morning routine. Then I am on my laptop or phone and at 10.30pm I go to sleep.

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hope you liked it
see you tomorrow