Hello niños!

My first article had quite success so why not write another one?

This Wednesday afternoon I was painting and listening to Ed Sheeran's latest album. Suddenly this song called "What do I know" caught my attention.Specially the lane "God gave me a stage, a guitar and a song." In that moment as I heard that, i stopped painting the sky with the brush, looked at my amateurish masterpiece and then all over my room which is covered by paintings and doodles. I realised, what if it's true? What if God actually said: "You girl? You are gonna suck at maths, Physics and Chemistry but your passion is going to be this." And gave me a brush and a pencil. And this is including all of us. Maybe you had a meeting with God before you were born and you don't even know. I mean Ed sheeran brings a guitar, sings and bam! An unforgetable concert is created. Then we pay for the tickets just to prove some redhead guy has more talent then we do. Funny, right?
But it's not always easy to find your talent. there are some of us who think that they are talentless. I personally don't believe in being talentless but limitless.
So I have a question for you who call themselfs "talentless" . Are you gonna go out of your limits and take your chance to see what is your unique given talent, Or are you gonna give up and never know?

ed, smile, and sheeran image
This article is inspired by incredible singer Ed Sheeran and his song "What do I know" https://youtu.be/6B9J3lEyffA

See ya! xxx