Coffe or Tea? Actually Hot Chocolate, But if I had to pick one Tea

Black and white or color? Color

Drawing or paintings? Paintings

Dresses or skirts? It depends... but dresses

Books or movies? Books

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Chinese or Italian? Italian all time

Early bird or night owl? Depends

Chocolate or vanilla? I have to say Vanilla

Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert actually

Hugs or kisses? hugs

Hunting or fishing? Neither!

Winter or summer? Summer

Fall or Spring? Spring

Rural or Urban? Rural

PC or Mac? Both

Tan or pale? Tan

Cake or pie? Pie & cake

Ice cream or yogurt? both

Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup

Sweet pickles or dill pickles? Neither

Comedy or mystery? Comedy... Mystery sometimes

Boots or sandals? Sandals

Silver or gold? Gold

Pop or rock? Both

Dancing or singing? Both.. but more dancing

Checkers or chess? Checkers

Board games or video games? Board games but it depends

Wine or beer? Beer... or White Wine

Freckles or dimples? I have none... but I like freckles

Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? Both

Body weight exercise or lifting weight? Yoga & running

Baseball or basketball? Basketball

Crossword puzzles or sudokus? Both

Facial hair or clean shaven? Facial hair

Crushed ice or cubed ice? Cubed

Skiing or snowboarding? Skiing

Smile or game face? Smile

Bracelet or necklace? Bracelet

Fruit or vegetable? Both ♥

Sausage or bacon? Neither

Scrambled or fried? Scrambled

Dark chocolate or white chocolate? white

Tattoos or piercings? Both

Antique or brand new? Antique

Dress up or dress down? Depends

Cowboys or aliens? Aliens

Cats or dogs? I have both! But dogs

Pancakes or waffles? Both

Bond or bourne? Neither