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Dear Me:

You would like to see how grown you are, how your hair looks, is okay trust me I didn't ruined it . (I know how we are with that lol )
I am writing this for you to read it when you are ready, to tell you that hard times have passed and that you are now well. You have achieved your career (call me an Interior Designer! whoop whoop) and you are going great in your new job. I'm planning our dream trip around the world and packing to go to Italy, with this amazing guy that we know we love, You want to know how he is? He is Tall, brown and curly hair, has this amazing eyes and smile that caught you up the first time we met, he is from Toronto. I won't tell you when or how we met, because that will be revealing the exciment I don't want to ruin.
You finally ended Italian! So you're trilingual now I guess...
We finally got that new apartment in Toronto, and I decorated it as we always liked, beige and green palette... Lots of souveniers from our travels and many more to have!
I just sent a plane ticket our brothers in Argentina so they can come and go on vacation with us.
I Finally started that blog that we wanted and I'm way more responsible with things, I promise. And I still write our thoughts and share them with everyone.

We have everything we wanted, or at least wished, and more, Health, love, peace. Our mind doesn't overthink that much and our soul is calmer.
I hope you are fine now, I'm wishing you to see everything I had came throught and what is to come. I'm still fighting to give you all that and I hope you too.

Love and Hugs!