We all lived many lives before this one, some more than others. We came to this earth to learn, in another words, for soul growth. Most come for personal soul growth but some come for more than that. They came for the collective, they came on a special mission to heal and help earth and all its creation. Those beings have been grouped under the name of 'Earth Angels'.

There are many groups of Earth Angels, in this one I will focus on the Incarnated Angels.
We have had many past lives before this one, if you have lived several lives as a angel or one of your recent past life involved being an angel you might relate to these.

Some of the signs that indicate that you may be an Incarnated Angels:

1. If you feel a deep connection to Angels. Being attracted to pictures, things that look like angels or remind you of the angel realm. And of course, love angels and birds as well as, trees, which are said to be angels in disguise.

2. Have unconditional love for others (sometimes more love for others than yourself)

3. May put other people's happiness before yours.

3. Find it hard to say no to people. And when they do try to say no, they feel really guilty and eventually give in to others.

4. Tend to struggle with weight.

5. Have a beautiful heart shaped face (no matter your weight).

6. Have eyes that shine with pure love (often ones that resemble the eyes of a baby dear eyes). Very friendly, non-judgmental, will make friends with anyone.

7. Can be talkative (unless you are a combination angel-will talk about it in the future)

8. Prefer to follow the rules. Tends to be good girls and boys.

9. May work or feel an attraction to being a nurse, flight attendant, teacher, social worker etc. Angels love to help anyone that needs help so any job which involve helping others they would love.

10. Tends to be attracted to those that 'need fixing'. Angels love to help, sometimes they believe they love someone, but instinctually they recognised someone that need love. So end up being with them in hope their love will 'change/fix/heal' this person. And sometimes there are those who are not ready to be helped and thats when it can be heart breaking for an Incarnated Angel.

11. Incarnated Angels are attracted to these people who need fixing/ or 'toxic' people because they know deep inside those people need the most love which they can provide. Because they know love heals all. But this pure love and optimism means they can stay in a toxic relationship for a long time. Even if the other person isn't ready to be helped, incarnated angel continues to believe they can change them even if they themselves are suffering.

12. Tends to apologize a lot, may carry much guilt and worry. A lot of these worries of not even theirs, they may worry about others more than themselves.

13. Incarnated angels, tend to look younger than their age and tend to have 'baby faces'.

14. People tend to say to them, "You are such an angel".

15. They tend to over-eat as a way to protect themselves (protecting them under the layers), as all earth angels are very sensitive, the are like sponges to all emotions and negative energies. To protect their pure and kind hearts and selves from all the hurt and negativity, they eat to protect and comfort themselves.
But there are ways to protect which don't involve over eating, for instant shielding yourself energetically - will talk more about it in the future.

16. Because you tend to want to do all the work, not wanting to 'bother' others, or tend to give your love openly, sometimes those action are not reciprocated by others and when others don't give you love back, this can lead to resentment and fall into the trap of the 'victim/martyr complex'. Do not feel guilty or scared to ask for help, you deserve it and as for those who don't give you the love, make sure you are truly allowing yourselves to receive the love. If someone offers you something don't say no, instead thank them and take it. That way the universe knows this person is ready to receive all the love. For those who have already hurt you, forgive them, not for their sake but for your own sake. Forgiving people is like cleansing your hearts from all the hurt.

17. Need to learn to be more assertive, perhaps people may have said to them, 'you need to be a bit more mean or assertive'.
Note: being mean and assertive is different, being assertive means taking care of yourself, for e.g. saying no because you are tired and need sleep and rest. Being mean is being mean, you are an angel you came on this earth to show people that kindness is what this world needs and you should be proud of yourself for being kind, no matter what others say, trust me, love and kindness always wins. But as you take care of everyone, you have to care for yourself too because just like everyone you are still human and have your needs. 'You have to love yourself before you love others'. If you don't you will be depleted of your energy, leave some of that love and good energy for yourselves as well, you need and again deserve it. It's like going to work, when you finish your work you don't look for more work, you rest and do things that make you happy.

Just to finish this off, being an incarnated angel doesn't mean you are kind all the time, we are still humans, we have have our fears and ego to work through, being angry doesn't make you bad, you are simply expressing your emotions which is healthy, it only get unhealthy if you stay in this state of anger, sadness or negativity.
But just know incarnated angel, you are very much loved, you are always surrounded by angels who waiting for you to ask for help, if you need help ask them they are your family.

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