She was sitting in a booth at their favorite café, looking at him with a smile on her face. She looked at him as if he was the only thing in the world that mattered to her. Like she needed him to shine, just like the moon needs the sun to shine. And she looked at him in that way, because to her it was true. He was her happiness, her strength and her courage. However much she tried, she could not understand why he had such an effect on her, there was just something special about him. Something she simply couldn't explain.

After all these years, she had grown used to all his mannerisms. How he always threw his head back and laughed when he thought something was really funny. How he bit at his bottom lip when he was lost in his own thoughts. How he always threw a glance in her way to make sure she thought his joke was funny, when they were with a group of friends. She had come to love all of his habits and peculiarities. And one day it suddenly hit her, that she had come to love all of him. She loved him. Only, when the realization hit her, it was too late.

And now she watched as he smiled at another girl in front of him, a few booths away from hers. As he threw his head back and out came the sweet melody of his laugh. She smiled, looking at him from afar, making sure the bodies of the other people kept her hidden from his gaze. The coffee in her hands had grown cold. How long had she been watching them?

Something inside her cracked, as he took the girl's hand in his and stared at her with an emotion so intense, that she had to look away. A sneaky tear crept its way through her eyelid. She smiled in defeat as she wiped it away. And even though something inside her was so beautifully broken and beyond repair, she was still happy for him. Because although it was not her he looked at like that, she was still joyful that he could be the sun to someone else's moon. She left the café without a single glance back, her cold coffee still on the table.

Written by ElviraHK.