This letter is for you that will settle in his heart, i don't know how long it will be, but please read this..

My place will be changed by you, and i hope a lot of things to you. Supposing that he makes you cry, you have to know that he doesn’t mean to make you feeling sad. because he is lovely.

You will get his kindness in everything. He is the one who are willing to stay beside you no matter what, because he wants to make sure if you are okay.

He is so sweet, isn’t he?

and you will find that he’s everything that you need until you feel that you don’t want to lose him.

He was my rollercoastrer back then, but now he more likely a sword for me.

I’m not everything that he wants, i’m not his everyday-love, i just... i just a place where he was just stayed and waited for you to look at him.

And you know what? i hate to saying this literally but i have to admit it that i just... A temporaly place to fill his blank heart.

This time, i will go out from the race,
go out from everything about him.
Walked away.
And give both of you a space to fall in love each others.

I will move on and it’s going to be okay.

Don't worry about me, i'll be fine.

I only have to accept what happened and continue my life.

And now, please take good care of him. Don’t ever let his heart get scars, a bad scars.

Don’t break your promise, because he will never ever break his promise to you even it just a bit.

so right now,

I will tell you this,

You holding his hand.. you holding my heart.

hands, pink, and wallpaper image

And because after all you do it for me, you holding my world.

pink, wallpaper, and hands image

Thank you.