Hey guys ! I don't know if I ever talked about that, but I love tattoos. I don't think I'm going to do tattoos one day, but here are my favorite ✷

➻ Deathly Hallows

harry potter, tattoo, and hp image
❝ as a huge harry potter fan, i'd love to have this tattoo on my wrist ❠

➻ Flowers

tattoo, rose, and blue image
❝ a rose is so beautiful, but idk where i would put it ❠

➻ Quotes

Tattoos and phrases image
❝ i would do a french or spanish books quotes, as i'm both, on my shoulder ❠

➻ Girl Power

feminism, girl, and girl power image
❝ i would just do a little one on my arm, because i'm a feminist ❠

➻ Planets

tattoo, planet, and art image
❝ i don't know how to call this tattoo, but i'm pretty sure that if i had to do only one tattoo i would do this one. i've always loves stars, planets and this tattoo is so beautiful omagad ❠

Ok so here it is ! Not too much, but I love every tattoo here ! Hope you liked ♥ Love, Marie ❥