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As always, I have no idea whether this kind of article is already existence, if that is the case credits to the person who established it.
When I started my university classes I was researching a lot for getting to know what to bring to the lecures. In the end, the lists I found were not really helpful. That is why I decided to give you my own personal "What to bring to lectures - list" and some additional tips.


I actually do not take notes with my laptop during the lecture but it is a great help for doing some research while listening to the prof or doing some work when you have some spare time between two lectures. Also, lectures do get boring from time to time and some professors do not allow phones in the lecture hall. Using a laptop for communicating with friends is not what you should do in lectures, but being honest, everyone does so.

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Charger for literally everything

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As I said, I am not taking notes with my laptop during lectures. So the most important things for me are actually pens, highlighters and also colored pens to get creative on my notes.

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In the beginning I didn't use a folder, now I can't go without. In there are all my notes, documents, scripts, tables, papers etc.

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food and water

Take that seriously! I have lectures that take four hours and I have days where I have ten hours of lectures without a break. So bring enough food and water to stay focused.

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ID and student ID

Especially when it comes to exams you have to bring these. If you do not bring your ID and student ID, this equals to failing the exam!

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Actually, I bring lipstick by accident because I always forget lipsticks in my purse. Not the worst thing since I'm wearing lipstick so often.

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hand lotion and chapsticks

These are just the things I always carry with me so I can't not bring them to uni.

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books for my classes

Pro-Tip: Never buy books before classes have started. The prof probably only recommended the book because he had to so and does not expect you to read it. Also professors often say that they actually do not recommend reading the books recommended because they might confuse you. Never buy books before the first lecture. First lecture always starts with course outline and recommended reading.

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Tbh, I do not bring this every day because I have the same book on my laptop. Anyways, if allowed for the exams, bring it! This will save you when it comes to definitions. If you are still looking for a dictionary, the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary is great!

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Because without a planner you are lost.

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a book

I always bring a book because I have to take the train to uni and that is pretty boring.

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So that is it for today! Hope you enjoyed!