Hello fellow hearters !
I'm back with the fourth article of my Shop With Me serie ! Only one left !
So, today, I'm just here to give you guys some random tips and tricks that I use when I go shopping. Let's go !

1. Plan what you're gonna buy

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Take a look into your closet, or simply into your room. Is there anything missing to your eyes ? Do you need some new wardrobe basics ? Try to make a list of the thing you need, it'll help you optimize your shopping time, and also will prevent you from buying random stuff you don't really need.

2. Look at each item carefully

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This tip might apply more to thrift shopping, but you can use it anywhere really. Take your time and look at this thing you may buy. Is it good quality ? Isn't it gonna break ?... When thrift shopping, take a look at everything, because a lot of the best clothes/accessories are the one hidden behind. You never know what treasure you may find.

3. Always try on

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Okay. Kids, listen. TRY ON FOR GOD'S SAKE. Like, really, no joke. Never buy a piece of clothing without trying it on. Especially: bottoms, dresses, shoes. You might get bad surprises if you don't try on.

So that's it, hope you enjoy even though it was super short !