disclaimer I don't want to offend anyone with this article, these are just some things that I think about US, some of them are jokes, some other are just things that i wish were different (4. 5.).
Please read this article with a positive mood :)

1.dollars: why are they so freaking big and all the same color? they don't fit in my wallet and I need to check them a billion times before I pay...

2.Alfredo sauce: it’s not a problem itself, but please don’t call it “italian food”, ‘cos it isn’t!!

3.Measurement: how much is one cup? what if I don’t have any cups? what if my cup is bigger than yours? how many grams? please help

4.hard immigration policy: I just wish I could stay more…

5.super expensive colleges: don’t have to explain it.

6.tipping: c’mon I don’t know what to do when you ask me the tip, how much do you want? I’m not good at math, don’t ask me to count… Can’t you just let me pay my coffee and leave?

7.amount of food you serve: just too much.