Hello, it´s me again!

Wow, that is a long title LOL.
Well, as the title says I´m going to tell you some things that maybe you should know if your next step is high school, I learn all this in my 6 years of high school and I want to tell you this.

1. It won´t matter latter if he was popular in high school.

2. If he/she cheats on you, say goodbye.

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3. Some people will never like you, don't let it bother you

4. You were beautiful before he/she told you

5. Don't let one mistake define you, but learn from it.

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6. Your mum can see a fake friend before you can, also your sister (if you have)

7. High school years are not the best years of life but they are kind of the best years.

This is because here you are a teenager and this part of your life is when you build yourself and create memories, but also you enter in the real life and stop thinking like a child, so they are the best years but also they are not.

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8. Learn to forgive. Also, learn that not everyone deserves your trust

9. Sex does not make you mature or an adult

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10. Stop pretending to be someone you are not to impress people

11. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t let anyone compare you to someone else - you are you.

For all those girls and boys who are going to high school, Do your best, find true friends, have adventures and create memories because now is the time, when you get older you won't have the chances to do something and you will regret not saying yes to that drink, or no saying a friends you miss her/him, for not saying "yes" to that party.
Be yourself, there is not something better than being yourself in front of people, you are you, make people respect that, starting from you.
Things change, people do it all the time, so if you said " I don´t like 5SOS" but then you listen to a song from them and you liked, congratulations you are a person, you can change the things you like, that is because you are growing as a person, that doesn't mean that you are hypocrite. You just change your mind.
Try to be happy as much as you can, and don´t let one mistake define who you are, and don´t define a person because a mistake he or she made.

Enjoy high school, as much as you can.
Love you.
Be happy.

xoxo C.