Hey, cuties!So for today I am gonna share my morning routine with you!Since the new year, I established a routine and it helped me so much to stay inspired and organized!

❁ Waking up early ❁
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My morning starts around 8 am., no matter if I have college or if I am staying home that day!
Waking up early changed my whole lifestyle making me more productive and feeling motivated through my day.
❁ Socials ❁
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I always spend around 20 to 30 minutes on my phone checking all my social media platforms.
❁ Time to wake up ❁
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Then, I go straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean my face.
❁ But first coffee ❁
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So it's finally coffee time...the best time of the day! ☕
I have a snack or breakfast(I am still struggling to have a good healthy breakfast but I will get there one day!) and watch youtube videos!My favorite videos to watch during coffee are the vlogs from AlishaMarie.
❁ Planning my day ❁
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Then I check my bullet journal to see what I have to do through my day, plan and set priorities!
❁ College ❁
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So if I have college, I am getting ready for that!Usually, I wear no makeup but if I feel a little bit fancy, I am applying concealer, adding a little bit of blush, mascara and I am always going for a nude soft lipstick.
❁ WeHeartIt ❁
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But if I stay home, I am working on some articles for whi, preparing my posts for the day and trying to organize my canvas.I recently started an Instagram account, so I am working on that as well!I haven't been really active but more posts are coming soon!
❁ Free time ❁
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I always have an hour for myself to relax!I am usually playing video games or watching animes!
❁ Time to study ❁
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And finally, my morning ends with studying!Not every story has a happy ending!

I hope that you enjoyed this article!Let me know if you are interested in articles like this one!Also, feel free to send me a message or a postcard if you have any recommendations!See ya soon xixixi ❤️



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