She is perfection.

She’s thin

She’s pretty, fit, popular

But she’s a total bitch

A bully

Someone who talks shit behind your back without even ever speaking to you

And points out your imperfections first, picking at your insecurities

She’s pretty, but she’s not perfection

There’s someone else

She’s pretty, thin, popular

And she’s nice

She says hello in the hall

She actually smiles

She’s nice

But she’s fake

She told this person, who told that person to tell that other person that she hates you

She’s the bully in disguise

But there’s someone else though

She’s… well she’s happy, kind, joyful, dramatic, funny, interesting

Yeah she’s pretty, but that’s not what matters

What matters is that you can actually talk to her

That she’s your friend, you real friend

That she has been, is and will be there for you

Sometimes she’s there for too long, but that doesn’t matter anymore,

You want her there

You’ll learn to depend on her advice, happiness, smiles, hugs, love

Yeah she’s pretty, but not just on the outside