DAY 6: Five ways to win your heart.

#5 Passion

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The quote above says it all. You can be passionate about anything. Politics, Math, Fantasy Football... I am obsessed with Harry Potter and could talk about it all day and I am willing to listen to you as well.

#4 Tolerance

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I can't deal with people who hate on others just because they don't understand them. Be respectful to other human beings!

#3 Intelligence

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Being able to hold on to a deep conversation is one of the most attractive things about a person. It requires knowledge and having an opinion. Intelligence also goes along with the next one.

#2 Humor

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If you can make me laugh, you can make me love you. I use humor to deal with the inconveniences of life and if you're on the same page, we're gonna have a good time.

#1 Caring Personality

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My family and my friends are the most important things in my life. I try to help them whenever they need me. I'm also going to be a social worker someday, so I can take care of people in need. The quickest way to win my heart is being a caring person with a genuine thoughtfulness about others.