Dear future me,
I hope you're good and have taken care of yourself,
Sorted out all your problems and are still hanging around with some of your dearest friends.
Hopefully you have a boyfriend who loves you and cares for you with his whole heart telling you his deepest secrets
Even though you did joke about being forever alone as a kid, Let's hope you aren't and found the perfect guy.
Are you still watching anime?
Still loving cats?
Being the funny optimistic girl you are?
I wonder if you ever got the job you wanted while growing up.
The thing I wonder most about are your friends are you still around them?
Did growing up separate you from them?
Did you ever stop being a funny optimistic girl?
Did you ever change who you are for others?
Or just to fit in?
Are you still dancing around in front of the mirror while jamming out to your dorky music?
Will I ever learn Japanese?
Or sign language?
Did I ever visit England?
Or Japan like I wanted to?
But dear future self please never forget any of this and achieve your dreams
Dont let anyone stop you
Or kill your dreams
Just reach for the stars