Guilt-Free Pancakes

If you haven't heard about this fantastic duo you have been living under a rock➡️ Blend 1 banana and 2 eggs.Heat a frying pan,adding a little bit of coconut oil (optional) and spoon the pancakes.Cook for about 1-2 min each side and finally top the pancakes with shredded coconut and honey.

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Citrus Oatmeal

Probably the most refreshing meal to start your day➡️ Extract the juice from an orange or grapefruit and soak the oatmeals in.Add cinnamon and/or honey if you like it sweeter, and of course shredded coconut.

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Tropical snack bowl

Escape the urban, and treat yourself like you're on a tropical destination with this energizing snack ➡️ In a bowl combine some chopped unsweetened dried pineapple,chopped dried mangos,1 cup lightly salted macademia nuts or cashews,1/2 cup coconut flakes.

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Berry Nectarine

➡️ Sprinkle it on a bowl of fresh berries along with a little bit of cacao powder.

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Easy energy bites

➡️ Blend some walnuts in a blender.Add cacao powder and dates.Blend again.Make balls with your hands and roll them in some shredded coconut.You can put them in the freezer to harden. ~

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