1. books or movies ?

quotes image happiness, movies, and pursuit image drama, will, and happiness image beautiful, family, and famous image

2. morning or night ?

amarillo, clouds, and yellow image blurry, cold, and dark image city, lights, and mall image Darkness, fashion, and great image

3. winter or summer ?

fashion, cozy, and sweater image asia, asian, and asian girl image cold, march, and snowy image cold, garden, and snow image

4. coffee or tea ?

coffee image chocolate, coffee, and morning image Image removed coffee, drink, and food image

5. ketchup or mustard ?

6. tattoos or piercings ?

7. autumn or spring ?

Image removed autumn, fall, and trees image autumn, colorful, and leaves image auburn, autumn, and leaves image

8. long or short hair ?

black, blanco, and body image fashion, girl, and alternative image Image removed brown hair, curly hair, and girl image

9. black or white ?

beautiful, hoodie, and black image adidas, nike, and black image fashion, casual, and clothes image fashion, gucci, and girl image

10. sea or mountains ?

beach, summer, and ocean image beach, clear, and vacation image beach, beautiful, and boat image beach, blue, and phuket image

11. looks or personality ?

12. books or sneakers ?

black, boots, and details image black, shoes, and timberland image Alexander McQueen, black, and boots image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

13. hardwood or carpet ?

14. leather or denim ?

15. dark or white chocolate ?
_dark chocolate

aesthetic, chocolate, and theme image cake, chocolate, and desserts image cake, chocolate, and desserts image chocolate, food, and nestle image

16. sunrise or sunset ?

beach, freedom, and ocean image nature, ocean, and sunset image amarillo, clouds, and twilight image flowers and nature image