Mental health is a topic that isn't openly talked about but i wrote a poem.

They don't know what it's like to cry our eyes out.
They don't know what it like to hate everything you once loved.
I know what its like to hate myself.
I know what it likes to cry until i can't breathe
They don't feel our pain
They aren't scared to leave their homes
They are happy to be alive
I know what it's like to wish i was dead
I know what it's like to feel nothing but pain
I know this pain
This pain is my life
They don't know what its like
I hope they never feel this
I hope i stop feeling this
Telling me to smile and think positively doesn't help
Letting me talk helps
Letting me know that you are there for me helps
Letting me know that you believe in me helps
I watch you shine brightly
You watch me fade away
One day i'll feel the light
One day i'll think back to the bad times
One day i'll see myself smiling again
I know it hards
It feels like you're trapped
But together we'll get through it
You are never alone
You are loved