An interesting term, but it's so very ambiguous. So many genres to choose from, so many choices to make. So many books to read...

But what really is it?

To me, writing is something I've always admired; the ability to really let your emotions bleed off and onto the page; to be able to make the reader feel what you want them to feel. It's an incredible thought - amazing to think about, to fantasise to become, but the truth of the matter is that though I want to be able to write to the same advanced level that they do, I simply can't. I'm more of a talker; a person that says things that first come to mind, than one who can write and let their thoughts run wild; their true neurotic nature become unrestricted by public opinion and current affairs of the world. Such a shame too, given my aspirations, but that's life.

People say everything starts small, so I suppose the most I can do now is hope, and perhaps over time my writing style will become more refined... More interesting.

And maybe you'll be there with me when that happens.

Anything is possible, after all.