Have confidence always. Have strength for you will endure some rough times. You are about to face reality, and see society for what it really is.

Love for someone else is not what you should be worry about right now forget about makeup sex and focus on you. Take care of your body because it is perfect. You don't need to lose a few more pounds for him. You don't need makeup to hide your "imperfections". You don't have to pretend to be something you're not. Just be yourself. Believe in yourself for you are the only one who can take that step in your own life. You can't depend on other to carry you so far.

You must stand tall and remain consistent with your faith. Pray regularly or when you most need the spiritual lifting.

I can assure you, it will be alright. You will survive and make it through these bad days. I know it's taking more time than you expected but honey it will be worth it. You may be forced to do things you do not want to do. You may have to overcome your fears to reach your ultimate goal you've set for yourself.

It's alright to feel alone, just remember that you aren't. You're never alone. There are plenty of others whom have shared similar experiences, you may feel bad that there are people who can relate; because it is awful knowing what pain it causes that another person is going through that same pain. It's alright to feel this way, but you must stick together and lift one another up.

P.S Don't be afraid to forgive them. You're beyond amazing!

Self Care Tips

fashion, outfit, and yellow image beautiful, outdoors, and sunset image

*Go outside.
*Write your thoughts down, poems, songs, etc.
*Call a friend.
*Do a face mask.
*Take a bubble bath.
*Read a book. Milk and Honey is a good one!
*Don't over-think,
*Buy yourself flowers.
*Pick flowers outside.
*Spend time with your pets.
*Wear comfortable clothes.
*Take a nap.
*Watch your favorite movie.
*Drink water.
*Drink some tea or coffee.
*Go thrift shopping.
*Clean your room.
*Listen to music.
*Paint your nails.
*Go out and treat yourself.
*Get away from social media.
*Take a walk.
*Start a garden.
*DIY project.
*Complete a crossword puzzle.
*Look through old happy photos.
*Go swimming,
*Go to the zoo.
*Watch a documentary that interest you.
*Take some selfies.
*Do simple makeup.
*Smell the roses. Literally.

Love, Lexi. Mwah.

This is my very first article, if you want me to make another similar to this or want to suggest a topic send me a postcard. I appreciate each of you who have read this and want to thank you for taking the time.

Much love and have a beautiful day.