Since many of you enjoyed part 1, I have decided to do a part 2. I hope you enjoy and heart it for a Disney Characters version (such as Mickey/Minnie mouse, Megara, Jane, Alice or Wendy)


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Rapunzel is a more free-spirited, artsy, adventurous and determined princess. As she is more adventurous and artsy I think her style would be very easy breezy, not very tight fitting. Clothes in different shades of purple, mainly dresses or breezy skirts with floral patterns. I would prefer the tops to be less cropped as Rapunzel hardly reveals any skin. Although the floral patterns are beautiful and suit Rapunzel very well.

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In most of the film Rapunzels hair is out but there are scenes where a bunch of little girls plait her hair with flowers threaded through. For the hairstyles braid, plait or leave it out. For makeup she doesn't wear any makeup, so if you prefer to wear makeup to a light coverage of foundation, mascara, a pink blush and maybe a nude gloss.

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Merida is a stereo typical tomboy, dislikes 'feminine' activities and prefers more 'masculine' activities such as archery. Although in the film she wears dresses, I imagined her in shorts. leggings or jeans and not dresses or skirts. I would go for more athletic style clothing in dark greens. Such as oversized hoodies and dark jeans or shorts,with skater style shoes or runners.

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Her hair is really crimped, so if you own a crimper you could crimp your hair for a more realistic look. If you prefer to not to crimp your hair you could just leave it out or curl it into tight ringlets. Like Rapunzel, Merida doesn't have much makeup. I would do no makeup at all but if you prefer makeup do a plain face a pink gloss and a red bronzy blush.

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Anna is very cheerful, fun and full of happiness. Her clothing style I could imagine as more of a teenage prep/feminine style sort of like a Maddie Ziegler style. All her dresses have quite intricate designs on them and she wears cold colours, such as purple and blue. For the overalls I would pair it with a dark blue or purple shirt but I couldn't find an image of what I wanted. I don't think Anna is mainly associated with the colour blue... but oh well. :)

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Anna's iconic hairstyle was 2 braids with her silver/blonde streak, so for hair you could do either dutch or boxer braids. Much like others she has a very natural makeup look with pink blush and a pink lip.

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Elsa is the more serious and sensible sister, she's more sophisticated. She would wear more formal attire, in winter aesthetic colours such as blues and whites. I would choose sort of Aurora's style of feminine and sophisticated, although not as 'girly.'

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In the movies her most iconic hairstyle is a french braid and pulled to the side. If you have thick hair you can skip this step, but if you have thin hair and want it to have more volume you can pancake it, which is where you kinda pull out the hair loosely. (Hard to explain you can google it.) Many disney princesses have a very natural make up look, but she has a very defined blush and a purple glittery eyeshadow.

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Moana is free spirited and very adventurous. She is part of a tribe and her style is very sort of a survivor vibe. (If that makes sense.) You could do a red cropped top with tan/biege bottoms, although nothing tight for bottoms as she is very free spirited and likes to run around a lot and be comfortable. If you want to be more authentic you could find clothing with more tribal patterns. The playsuit down below in a more warmer tone of colours. (I couldn't find a image.)

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Moana's hair is very curly, so for those with straight hair you could curl or crimp your hair. Since Moana is a very free spirited girl she doesn't really wear any makeup so I would go natural face, but if your uncomfortable wearing a plain face you could do a minimum coverage foundation, mascara and maybe a lip gloss.

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Sorry this article wasn't that long as there weren't many princesses left to do! I hope you enjoyed it and sorry it took so long to make! No idea why I had such a problem trying to come up with outfit ideas.

x Lydia