hey guys! so recently i've been seeing this type of tag going around and i thought i would take part in it as well.

My name is Mireya:

M for Madrid

city, light, and madrid image city, madrid, and spain image city, beautiful, and madrid image Europa, madrid, and Plaza image

I for Ibiza

city, ibiza, and travel image ibiza, palm trees, and spain image ibiza, beautiful, and city image Image by Amirah Ahmed

R for Reykjavik

iceland, travel, and landscape image traveling image article, fish and chips, and iceland image reykjavik image

E for Edinburgh

edinburgh, scotland, and travel image breathing, edinburgh, and iphone image me and edimburg image castle, edinburgh, and scotland image

Y for Yalcobá

arena, beach, and beautiful image beautiful, trip, and selva image church, méxico, and yucatan image yucatan, chichenitza, and vibras image

A for Athens

Greece, Athens, and statue image Athens, city, and Greece image Greece image Athens, blue sky, and flowers image