Hey lovelys,
today is another emotion article!

Do you guys ever get confused by anyone you like just soemone you consider as a friend?

I do get them a lot and I do not know how to respond or confront them. They dont text you, they leave you on read and they just dont want anything to do with you suddendly for no reason.

My question is why, do people do that ?

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Confused & missed

Confused, I hope you will tell me one day!

Im very confused about you. We haven’t talked, we haven’t called and we haven’t seen each other. All you do is ignore me, kill me from inside and leave me hanging. You might not know but you made me feel differently and I don’t know how to describe it. The feeling of being left behind by someone I cared is the most heartbreaking thing. We might not know each other as well but I think we clicked in so many ways. You might have confused me in times but I liked the challenge you gave me. I told you the minute we met, Im very difficult, I don’t like sharing my feelings, I lie a lot because it makes me feel safe and Im very confusing at times just like you. You kept telling me that you weren’t confusing just sarcastic but sarcasm is hard to understand especially yours. I don’t know whats going on in your head or what you’ve heard or know. The past weeks you have left me on read and made me wait. No explanation on whats going on, making me confused, feel weird and overthink.
I hope you tell me one day whats up, whats happening and how your feeling. Our stories of getting to know each other was interesting. All those times we made fun of each other, making each other laugh, talking about the future and trying to make big plans that no one can. For now I hope you one day tell me what the problem was and why you did it. All I can say that it was a pleasure knowing you and I had a wonderful time with you.

I hope you guys enjoyed another emotion article.

If there is anything specific I should write just let me know.