this is sorta just a appreciation for how silly and adorable my lil taehyung is. I hope he never changes💫 (by the way my bias is taehyung from bts)

that dang elephant

elephant, hair, and smile image
boys, elephant, and taehyung image

why is he so rude to me?

gif, jungkook, and taehyung image
beijing, black, and Hot image

tae dancing

gif, v, and bts image
dancing, gif, and kpop image
dancing, gif, and funny image


army, b, and taehyung image
army, dancing, and gif image
army, dancing, and gif image

his laughs

gif, bts, and cute image
gif, k-pop, and korean boy image
gif, bts, and taehyung image

him being a meme

gif, bts, and v image
v, bts, and gif image
bts, meme, and v image
gif, v, and shook image
I couldn’t find he one with him having his World War II flashbacks. 😢

him just looking beautiful

exo, gif, and bts image
gif, v, and bts image
gif, bts, and v image

favorite (for now)

beauty, kpop, and boyfriend image

yea I’m prob gonna make more of these😅 okay love you and have a good night and good mourning! love you!!! stay beautiful. stay majestic. 💋 xoxo -@dinple

;) *wink wink


ha ha well would you look at that....;)

gif, taehyung, and v image
Ik sorry. love you.