Feeling yellow,
just out of my misery. Baby you are optimistic like a lost boat at sea.
And baby I am just a bit jealous.
Felling yellower than yellow,
and golder than gold.
Entertain my sadness,
round and round like a lost taxi.
Bolder than yellow and bolder than bold.
If anything, like our colliding awkwardness,
with you its different than feeling yellow.
Your head is still in that fantasy of yours.
You soul, like frozen paint,
Blander than bland, and cloudier than the cloudiest day.
We rise up to any form of amusement, you were not our amusement.
Not this time, not even on the boringest of days.
Even when feeling yellow is just a foggy allusion of our lost minds and souls.
-XOXO Ninah

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Please keep in mind I am actually a genuinely happy person, this is just writing. :)

-Also happy international women's day!!