I am just a simple woman
Who has plain, eclectic tastes
I have no need for fancy things
Just a quiet, uncomplicated way of life.

I am a country girl at heart
Who feasts on nature’s bounty
Waterfalls, storms, animals, birds
And the beauty each season brings.

I am just a simple woman
Who craves acceptance and love
Even on my worst days
Though I may not deserve it

I am, some days, a sad girl inside
Who so often tries to conceal it
Forcing a smile for the outside world
To obscure my innermost turmoil

I am, many days, a happy woman
Who is grateful for all of my blessings in life
There are days I am weak, yet others strong
One thing is for sure, I am never wrong

I am, after all, a woman, am I not
Though a young girl dwells within
As you can see, she still likes being silly
Child at heart, yet a woman fully grown

© 2016 Suzanna Jayne Mullins