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Anyway, let’s not waste more time, here is

Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them

1. Listen to music 🎧💕

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It's one of my favorite hobbies, I love music. There is not a day when I don't listen to music, because it helps me to relax when I am mad with someone or something, to raise my mood a little when I feel down, to cry when I need it. Music is always present in me, in every moment, I always enjoy it.

2. Social media

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To be honest, I'm 24/7 checking the notifications of twitter, insta, snapchat, etc. It's a very addictive pastime, I know. But what can I do? social media are like my bae 😅😅😅

3. Netflix

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I love this. It is also an addictive hobby that I developed recently. Is that, there are many shows and movies that are very good that help you to kill the time when you are bored or something. Not to mention those shows that make you explode your head thinking it is one thing and in the end it turns out to be another.

4. Handball 💕

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I practice it since I was a little girl, but now for reasons of lack of time I don't do it anymore. Every time I stepped on a field, and in my hands I had a ball, I was happy.

5. Reading

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Apart from music, reading is another of my favorite hobbies. I really enjoy reading, in fact in my room I have a furniture full of novels that I have read throughout my 22 years. And call me crazy, but every time I read a story, for some reason, when read I get so much into the character's skin that I get to feel the emotions that they feel, and I love it, because it makes me forget for at least a moment, the reality where I am. I can say that thanks to the novels I have lived many lives and not only one...

So, see ya tomorrow with day 24!

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