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I lived here in California my whole life. I know many best places to go! Here's top ten places to visit in California!

1. San Francisco

san francisco and golden gate bridge image city, house, and sky image city, car, and street image animal, california, and sf image

2. Yosemite National Park

beautiful, explore, and national image california, freedom, and america image nature, reflection, and yosemite image 2016, forest, and mountain image

3. Los Angeles

beach, summer, and sunset image city, street, and building image cat, grumpy cat, and stars image hollywood, sky, and travel image

4. Death Valley

desert, girl, and Death Valley National Park image badwater basin, mojave-wüste, and death-valley image usa, california, and Death Valley National Park image puppy and dog image

5. San Diego

beach image fun, Roller Coaster, and rollercoaster image summer, beach, and palms image beach, summer, and sea image

6. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡

7. Santa Barbara

barbara, beach, and landscape image travel, city, and sunset image beautiful, california, and girl image beach, travel, and summer image

8. Catalina Island

beach, boat, and Catalina Island image billabong and Catalina Island image beach, beautiful, and california image california, Catalina Island, and Island image

9. Palm Springs

Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡ Image by Talia ♡

10. Lake Tahoe

chair lift, lake tahoe, and nature image lake tahoe, snow, and wonderland image mountain, adventure, and wanderlust image california, ceu, and Estados Unidos image

You guys can look up for more list to visit California!


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