Note: DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT shampoo or condition every day. unless you have a very greasy scalp

1.I takes a shower, put on my face wash and all that then, I take a OXG coconut shampoo(about 10 $ at target) and massage into my scalp.I massage for a good 2 mins.

2.I rinse it out by also massaging it out.

3.I take a OXG coconut condtioner( about 10$ at target) and go to the ends of my hair and rub/ massage it in. This kind of conditioner requires you to wait from about 2-5 mins then rinse.

4.I get out of the shower and naturally dry my hair. Then I take a OXG coconut oil (about 5$ at bed, bath, and beyond) and massage it into my hair.

5.I braid my hair into french braids and added just a little more oil at the ends.

6.I trim a little bit (about 2/8 of an inch) at the ends to get rid of split ends
(I suggest to trim your hair every 10-12 weeks)

7.I get 2 hair clips and twist the braids and clip the ends to the sides of my hair/head

8.I get a stretchy tshirt

9.I put the shirt through the head hole, then pull the tshirt over my head( as if Im putting on a headband)

10.I twist the tshirt into a bun and secure it with a hair band.

Well if you want a hair routine to follow...well here you go LOL

Oh dont use coconut oil everyday , use it once a week at least