yet another song recommendation article.

my boy - Billie Eilish

billie, pink, and singer image knife, my boy, and music image yellow, billie eilish, and aesthetic image billie image
"My boy don't love me like he promised. My boy, he ain't a man and sure as hell ain't honest."

Walls Could Talk - Halsey

halsey image halsey, ghost, and lesbian image aesthetic, hfk, and room 93 image halsey, blue, and badlands image
"Now you're gon' play me like a violin, hitting these notes."

Dirty Diana - The Weeknd (cover)

abel, angel, and bang bang image artist, laugh, and legend image the weeknd image the weeknd, xo, and abel tesfaye image
"that's okay. hey, baby do what you please."

Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan

troye sivan image troye sivan image grey, troye sivan, and troyesivan image troye sivan, singer, and boy image
"I wanna sleep next to you, but that's all I want to do right now."

You Don't Do It For Me Anymore - Demi Lovato

Mature image demi lovato image demi lovato, demi, and singer image demi lovato and ddlovato image
"I'm sorry for honesty, I'm well aware I lie to you when I lie with you."

Quit - Ariana Grande

ariana grande and honeymoon tour image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande, let me love you, and arianagrande image ariana grande image
"They say, 'You crazy just leave him. He'll suffocate you.' , but I wanna be in your arms."

Paris In The Rain - Lauv

blue, boys, and cute boys image lauv image lauv image lauv image
"Anywhere with you feels right. Anywhere with you feels like paris in the rain."

Malibu - Miley Cyrus

black and white and miley cyrus image amarillo, converse, and cyrus image miley cyrus, beautiful, and music image hairstyle, jumpsuit, and miley cyrus image
"I always thought I could sing, so I never swam"

Let You Down - NF

nf image john, music, and nathan image music, rapper, and nf image rapper, real, and nf image

Knocking Your Heart - Maggie Lindemann

maggie lindemann, girl, and beauty image yellow, style, and outfit image Hot, sexy, and baddies image rose, maggie lindemann, and beauty image
"Cause' I don't want to wonder if we'll ever meet again."

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