Hey guyssss! This is my first ever article! I´m kinda excited for you guys to read it and give me some feedback on it.
I chose to do baby names, because it´s a topic I´ve been seeing a lot lately on WHI, and also on some youtube videos. I´m focusing on girl names, because the article would end up being waaaay too long if it where to include boy names as well.
So, without further ado, here are some of the names I´d like for my kids (if I ever decide on having any). Let me know if you guys liked it, so I can do a boy name version.

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• Narin: I believe this name is of arabic origin. I´m deeply in love with this name, and if I ever had a baby girl, I would definitely name her Narin. I first heard this name in a Turkish soap-opera. I think it´s actually unisex (for both boys and girls). Narin means 'slim', 'slender', 'fragile' or 'delicate'.

• Eleanor: This name is very fancy and elegant. Really love this name. It has a very british side to it. This name is rather popular, but still, it´s really pretty. Eleanor is Greek for “bright, shining one”.

• Ilke: This is also a Greek baby name, and it means “light”. I believe it could also be a turkish baby name, meaning “first, principle”. This name is perfect if your first baby is a girl.

• Daniela: this name is veeery special to me. My sister´s name is Daniela. We call her Danny, but still, I think Daniela is a beautiful name. Daniela is of Hebrew and Italian origin. It means “God is my judge”.

• Andrea: my name is Andrea. I know it´s common, but I like it better than my other two names. My sister and I both have three names, which can become pretty annoying. Andrea means “courageous”.

• Ayse: yet another name of Turkish origin. This name is also really pretty. I also discovered it whilst watching Turkish soap-operas. Ayse means “she whom must be obeyed”.

• Mahtab: This name is of Arabic origin, and it means “moonlight”. It´s a really cute name.

• Nicola: This is another version of the name Nicholas. It´s unisex, but I´d definitely prefer it in a girl. Nicola, of Greek origin, means “winner of the people”, it could also be “people´s victory”.

• Dilan: this is a Turkish female name. The meaning is pretty simple, yet so beautiful. Dilan means “love”.

So, these are my top 10 names for a baby girl. As you can tell, I´m really into Turkish/Arabic names. I won´t be getting to use all of these names, but they´re so pretty, and therefore, on my list.
Let me know if you guys liked the article, and I could publish one on baby boy names, or maybe another topic.

XOXO, Andrea <3

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