I watched stranger things recently (in 4 days) and I really liked it. There’s a lot of aspects that made me like this movie & I wanted to share with you. Either if you haven’t seen it or you have, maybe you will want to watch it after or you like/like not the same things as me.

- Friendship
On this series, the friendship between Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will is amazing. They are 4 cool friends that are loyal to each other’s and always there. I think this shows up a big value. It also reminds me of myself and my friends. There’s the aspect of thinking that your squad is super cool even if you are not the ‘’popular’’ kids of the school.

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- Science
I really like how they elaborate the science in this series. It’s kind of logical and has this cause/consequence result. I think it makes the story interesting. Also, it makes it have a sense. It also shows how scientific were not always using science right back to time. And have a historical aspect by showing how the U.S. was/are trying mutually to make arms, once again each other, against Russia.

- Mystery
Lately, I have been in love with mystery. Elaborating theories, thinking about how one thing is possible. There are those creatures. Is it real or is it not?

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- Psychology
I study in psychology and I think it’s important to get in the shoes of someone else before judging them. There’s this part of is it logical, rational… is it reality… is this we know about our world. Is it crazy or even possible?

- Realistic
Even there’s a lot of fantasy and mystery, I think the character are really much realistic. Kids stay kids at the end and think like they are supposed to. We can see this big human aspect that takes over too, so it’s not just scientific and logical.

- Diversity/feminist
This series gave a big role to girls/women and diversity. I think it is really important to put this image on media nowadays.

- Actor
I think that Will and Joyce (his mother) are incredible actors, even more Noah (Will) for being a kid. I always think about what it is like to really be an actor and fake it while you don’t even fully see what’s there because they are adding the effect on the computer later.

- Mothers
Joyce is an amazing mother, strong and that love unconditionally. It really shows what a mother is ready to do for her kids and how she would even sacrifice herself to make them happy.

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- Related
Everything in the story that is said or done make sense at one point, that make the story clear and complete