The Happy People Collab: Part 2

The Happy People Collab is a proyect I created for the Happiness's Month. It's purpose is to remember online people that happiness exists, we just need to feel it.

Finding happiness is very difficult nowadays, specially when things don't look like they're gonna work.

Some people are happy with a lot of things, others with the necessary. Some are happy with their whim finished, they material things on the hand, the important stuff done.

But, today, things go further away. Happiness includes the little but important things.

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People get so concentrated on the big things that they forget the details.

At the end of the day, a lot of little things makes us happy, like being with friends or family, eat candy, write, drink tea or even having the wind on your head, etc.

For example, we have music.

Remember that feeling you have when you hear your favorite song. Remember that feeling when your skin bristles.

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How can something be that wonderful and amazing?

We have other amazing "insignificant"stuff: Breathing, running, walking, laughing, looking at the sky...

The most important one: feeling happy with yourself, loving yourself in order to love other people, being optimistic with life. Obviously, we can be sad sometimes, and that's okay. But we should never let us down.

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The feeling of being calm, being cotidian, makes us happy. Because if not, why do we feel so free when we do them?

Huge thanks to my besties, who helped me with this article:

Vale Sánchez: Happiness for me is music. It's something that makes you feel alive, and that is happiness.
Instagram: @valito_rey

Danna Ramírez: What would happen with me if wasn't lucky enough to have any of these things? Would I really be this happy? I don't think so.
Instagram: @everlasting.97

When I met you, I was completely sure you were the right people.

Cover photo credit:
Sarah Pérez
Instagram: @she_had_theworld