Do not blame yourself. Before anything else, promise me this. Promise me you will not blame yourself. Finding out I had been cheated on was the darkest day. I apologize in advance if this becomes a complete ramble, but this is everything I wish someone would've told me when it first happened. You can not blame yourself. Why? Because you could be perfect, a 10/10, with a intelligent mind and beautiful soul and a cheater would still cheat. It's not about what you have or didn't have. It's not about the person (or persons) they cheated with. Someone with the mindset to cheat is going to cheat whether or not you are perfect. They cheat because they can, because it boosts their ego. It's nothing but selfish and inhuman. There are bad people in this world and sometimes we fall in love with them. Sometimes we let that love blind us, but that only makes us human.