enjoy babes :D

-. a good notebook to copy a section of all the notes that are important

-. study playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/jackiejh/playlist/4iTNYr3fpj7YSD5j9sWerc?si=wJUXP9ITQZWYjVLLING8zQ
this will help

-. use resources to help you better understand it more

-. study a little every night in order to be prepared for an upcoming exam

-. take breaks. you need time for yourself

-. make lists of the things you need help with, you understood, you need to study

-. rest well. sleep early to wake up refreshed and not tired

-. make summaries. making short paragraphs of what you understand will help you remember the topic

-. ask your teacher/professor for help on the things you don't understand

-. set a time to study

love, safaa♡