this is actually the first post I've done. im proud of myself tbh enjoy :D

-. smile/walk with your back straight
smiling more will boost your confidence and having your back straight is like a weight that's been lifted off of your shoulders.

-. don't be afraid to be alone in a class
being alone isn't bad at all. learn to be by yourself because, at the end of the day, it's only you. you could do many things when you're alone, such as: listening to music, doodling/drawing in your notebook, reading a book, write in a bullet/journal.

-. organize your time
make a goal when you come from school, make a schedule on how to prepare things to get it over with.

-. trust your instinct/don't do things to fit
you don't need to fit in with the group that isn't worth it. spend your time with your actual friends. be yourself, dress how you like, be who you are and don't give a shit about anybody's opinion.

-. make friends/be yourself
your real friends will be by your side and you'll know who is there for you when you need a shoulder. make new friends and enjoy time together. be careful who you make friends with.

-. don't care about what people think or say about you/don't show your feelings too much/don't worry too much
worry about what you have to get done at school and then leave. you have another life out there too. the people that try to bring you down, are only insecure or picking on you because you're different. being different is special. "no fucks given upon this day."

-. make memories
making memories with your friends will be a moment you would wanna go back to. live the moment and have fun so you could hold onto them.

-. be aware of where you are
just know that in school, you're in a place where everyone is constantly talking. don't be fooled by what you hear, what others say, what you believe because you know the truth and the whole story

-. call/text your family
your family won't be around as much. spend time with them when you aren't busy. make them feel you care about them. let them know you're there.


-. when you get an assignment, do it right away/get it done

-. ask for help if you don't understand something/having trouble with any topics or problems

-. do not procrastinate too much. seriously your mental/emotional health is important

-. read a lot

-. pay attention to the explanation

-. inform yourself about what's going on around you. you never know what could happen the next day if you don't know whats on the news or newspaper

-. help others that don't understand

love, safaa♡