an apology that sounded more like a goodbye

i wait anxiously by my phone for a text,
a call,
anything from you.
i waited and waited and finally
my phone lit up with the words:
“Im sorry for everything I put you through”

help unwanted

satisfaction is a
a fulfillment of ones wishes;
but every time I say the right words,
you never seem to listen.
you chose to close your eyes,
so that you wouldn’t look at mine.
you say that we met at the wrong place
and fell in love at the wrong time.

try again later

i knew we weren’t going to last
but it felt so good while it lasted;
last time, you said you were willing to wait but
time was going to slow for you;
you were supposed to stick by my side but you
sided with excuses and lies and I tried to find
the reason why;
but it looks like i'll have to try again some other

temporary necessity

“why would I want anyone else
when I’m in love with you?”
were the words that I once knew.
the words that came from you.
the words that I decided to go back to.
the day after you stole my heart and
turned it into dust.
the day after you were hungry for somebody
else’s lust.
the day after you told me you didn’t need me
was the day I found out I was a temporary necessity
i forced myself into closed doors.
the remaining pieces of my heart
still miss the things you do,
like when you used to say:
“why would I want anyone else
when I’m in love with you?”