we are children of the sun
our fire burns the gun
our heat will melt your pain away
don’t be at alarm, you will be okay

we are children of the sun
our voice brings the young out
to play
our presence marks a brand new day
when we come together, we make the world go around
without us, you are nowhere to be found

we are children of the sun
we are always on the run
when our feet hit the ground
we make the plants firm, and sound

our skin are varied shades from earth to sand
sprinkled with unusual marks and soft to the hand
our hair flows free, the wind slides through each strand.
our eyes are wide, and our bodies glow when we take a stand.

we lift up spirits that weigh a ton
the light that we bring can never be outdone.
we are children of the sun.

thanks so much for reading my poem. make sure to check out my previous articles down below. please do not take any quote without permission. xox- hannah