I know many different people deal with there own problems everyday
And a lot of you have a trusting person to tell
But If your anything like me
You don't tell anyone
Your scared
You think they won't understand
That you'll be annoying to them
That everyone else complains and u hear all the shit talk when they do

And even though u have soooo many problems
You listen to other people's
And you help them
And you just fake a smile and fake being happy
For everyone else
You fake that smile to be a support for those who need help
And all the build up form you holding it in
Comes out sooner or later
And when it does your relived
Even though it may only come out in tears
You feel free from that build up of negative energy

  • if anyone wants to talk to me about there problems I'm here to be supportive, just send me a message with a 💙 And we can talk.