Hi everyone,

Thought I'd give you some tips if you're struggling to gain some followers. Personally, I don't the number of followers is a big deal but I can totally understand if it gets to you sometimes. So I'm going to write a few tips to help you gain a few more followers. :)

Disclaimer These are a few things that helped me gain more followers they might not necessarily work for you. Though I hope they do.

1) Be active. You gotta be using the site in order for people to notice you. Heart, heart, heart.

Image removed bedroom, room, and home image

2) Post. Don't just heart other peoples images. Post your own and write your own articles. Trust me people will begin to notice you.

camera, photography, and canon image lingerie, lace, and underwear image

3) When you post, post things you think other people will like. Be unique, creative. Post your variations of other peoples ideas so for example, your night routine or skincare routine as these are really popular articles and people tend to just be drawn to these. Also, post unique and different ideas of your own. People tend to be also drawn to uniqueness and an article or image they haven't seen before with make them curious. But remember to be yourself!

4) Message people who follow you (if you can) and thank them for following you. It's something I do every now and then. You're connecting with your audience and you never know you might create a new friendship with someone.

internet friends and ibfs image

5) Follow other people. This won't work for everyone but sometimes people will get curious about who followed them and go to their canvas to see who this person is. This may result in them following you.

Rania Nouna
Rania Nouna
Here are a couple of people I follow.

6) Be yourself. People are drawn to what they like. WHI is for you as well as your followers so if you just post what you think others like then you'll be pleasing just them and you'll be stuck with a canvas you don't like. But if you heart all the things you like you'll attract the people who like the same things and build a better following and you'll love your own canvas too.

quotes and love image brown, chocolate, and delicious image home, interior, and house image interior, room, and windows image
The last four images I hearted when writing this.

7) Be happy and positive. I'm always drawn to positive and happy posts. As soon as I see a negative post I'll either report it if it's really sensitive or I'll ignore it. Happy is always better.

reminder image quotes, life, and positive image

8) Tags. Be sure to add tags to all your posts as this is what helps other hearts find your content.

blue, crystal, and aesthetic image eyeshadow, makeup, and naked image

9) Collections. Create as many different collections as you want.

3/98 of my collections.

10) Attach your collections and articles to the bottom of your articles. If they liked one article you wrote they might want to know what else you write.

Remember it's all about exposure. :)

That's everything I can think of but I hope this helps and you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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