Nowadays, people's lifestyle has completely changed, instead of having a big family and working all day, they prefer to have more freedom and less responsibilities with other people. Therefore, people have chosen to have pets at home to generate a beautiful company on their part and devote their time to these magnificent creatures, dogs

But what happens when people do not understand that a dog has feelings like any of us? You need to eat, play, sleep, and above all you need a great dose of love every day. Therefore, we see more and more abandoned dogs on streets, undernourished and unfortunately with traces of physical and psychological aggression.

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Here I have for you a small list of why it is nice and convenient to adopt a dog that does not have a home or a family for a long time, instead of buying a new canine and at a very high price.

1. Sense of love and loyalty

When they are received in an environment where they will exchange blows and cries for love and caresses, it encourages them to have a sense of fidelity with their master and those around them.

2. It can help with your mood

it is scientifically proven to have a pet, help with the problems of depression, to reduce fears and vices. Since playing, loving and being aware of their needs distracts people's minds, leading them to take great responsibility.

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3. It promotes socialization

they help to put shyness aside, they provoke interpersonal interaction and dialogue

4. They learn quickly

when you adopt a dog, you take with you a being that needs less hours of training, because they themselves are in charge of learning as quickly as possible as a sign of gratitude towards their master. Also not to cause actions that cause them to return them out of their home.

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5. Veterinary help

when adopted, in most cases, they receive care from the veterinary / shelter that took care of them for free, which is a great help for your pocket.

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Remember that having a dog in your care is a big responsibility. There will never be a company, a friendship as faithful as the one they offer. They need all your love, all your attention, recreation and GOOD food. If you want to have a pet, give the opportunity to one who has not had the luck to have a family and protection.

― Love, Angela ♡

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