I want a pretty boy;
one who'd teach me how to dance,
not another boy who just wants to get in my pants.

A boy who'd teach me how to play guitar,
and say my name just right.
He'd take me to see his favorite local bands,
almost every single night.

He wouldn't give me expensive jewelery or even godiva chocolate,
Instead he'd take me to a vending machine,
and buy me the cutest plastic ring.
He'd tell me that his love was valued more than any thing.

We'd take long walks and he'd hold my hand,
I'd tell him that I couldn't have a more perfect man.
He'd reply with a smile and a kiss on the cheek,
and feed me a cheesy pick up line,
& I would tell him he's too kind.

He would make me laugh until I fell on the floor,
Then he'd pick me up and carry me out the door.
He would take me to a hill somewhere, where we'd
watch the sunset without a care.

And oh, he'd have the deepest blue eyes;
I'd tell him they were bluer than skies.
Whenever I told him, he would say back to me,
"Your eyes are such a beautiful emerald green."
Then I would kiss his lips so softly,
and we would lie down and talk for hours
about blue skies and gorgeous flowers.

If I had this pretty boy,
My face would never be without a smile of joy.
For I would be his, and he would be mine;
Together forever and for all time.