Hey loves! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had a lot of homework and other stuff to take care of. Today is day 4 which means I'll be doing "describe your style in pictures." If you want to do the writing challenge I'll leave the article below ⇊

My Style: Accessories

Superthumb accessories earrings accessories
I don't like to go over-board with accessories so I wear dainty necklaces/bracelets. I have 2 lobe piercings and I normally wear pearl or small gold earrings.


fashion beauty clothes fashion beauty aesthetic
I like to wear things like crop tops, sweatshirts, & tees. If you can't tell so far my style is hella basic lmao.


aesthetic fashion Superthumb body clothes Superthumb
I mostly wear leggings or jeans because it's comfortable and cold right now, but I also loveee shorts and skirts.


converse dark aesthetic adidas fashion black
For the most part I just wear vans, nike, & adidas because it's practical and comfortable, but I also like heels.

So I think that's it! As I said before, my style is pretty basic. I don't like to wear a lot of color, the majority of my wardrobe is gray, green, red, black, and white. This article took a while because I wanted to find pictures to accurately represent my current style. In the future when I'm a lawyer making lots of money ( don't just get a job for the money, that's not why I want to be a lawyer ) I'll try to amp my style lmao.

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