I lie awake thinking of you.
Wondering where you are in this world.
Wondering if you’re doing fine.
If I’m being honest, I’m barely doing fine.
I've been lying awake thinking of you and the day we parted.
How we were two hearts made for one.
I close my eyes and I see you in everything;
I notice you in my dreams– when I’m both awake and asleep.
I recognize your wayfarer-blue eyes.
The ones that hold the depths of the cerulean ocean;
Captivating, intriguing and fascinating.
I can still sense the tender touch of your fingers gracing my delicate skin.
It wasn’t the same when it was someone else’s touch.
I wonder if you think of me and the way I stared at you like you dangled the stars in the sky.
Quite honestly, I observed nothing but a universe in your eyes.
You brought me back to life.

You made me feel again.
You made me whole.
And as I lie here at 1:15 am wondering about you,
I hope life is treating you well.
My darling, you deserve all it has to offer.
Even if it doesn’t include me.